Monday, July 4, 2011

An End and a Beginning

Four years ago I went back to school, a thing that has been a momentum changer in my life. Through this experience professionalism, responsibility, humanity, medical science and other ways of the physician have instilled a niche in my person, in who I am now. On May 14th I graduated from medical school and on July 1st I started my new job as a resident physician.

(Dancing with Mimi at her 80th Birthday Party Dallas, TX)

(Getting hooded at graduation - Fort Worth, TX)
Photo Courtesy of Kate Leverenz

In between school and job, I went back to the area of Guatemala I worked in last year and spent a wonderful month continuing relationships with locals, practicing Spanish, and volunteering in a clinic that served a low access area in the gorgeous Guatemalan Highlands.

Arriving in the USA 4 days before residency began, I made a quick journey from Houston to Wichita, Kansas and have since settled into life here. My two room mates (also interns in my program) and I are becoming decent friends. We have room mate dinners at home, play football with the neighborhood kids, play music and encouraging each other to become better doctors. The only improvement I could ask for is to have Guatemalan highland weather here in Kansas. The scorching sun is not being kind to the potted plants I received for free from Dillon's, the major local grocery chain. I'm not too busy to neglect planting them in God's good earth, eventually, maybe tomorrow after my Emergency Departement shift.

Below are a few pics of Guatemala last month.

(The mountains in the background are quite, quite high and steep - Santa Cruz la Laguna)

(Other med student friends and I on a hike - Santa Cruz LL)

(Group photo! Students, Doctors, and nurses/interpreters - Santa Cruz LL)

(The infamous tuk-tuk. A three wheeled vehicle for people transport quite common in all areas of Guatemala. This photo taken in Santiago LL)

(Catholic Church courtyard - San Pedro LL)

(Normal street scene - San Pedro LL)

(Los Tres Amigos riding horses to the base of Volcan San Pedro approximately 3,200m)

(At the dock. Boat is the primary mode of transportation around Lago de Atitlan - Santa Cruz LL)

(My hostel room at La Iguana Perdida. I lived here for one week - Santa Cruz LL)

(This morning was chilly, about 50F - Santa Cruz LL)

(Also at La Iguana Perdida - Santa Cruz LL)