Monday, February 2, 2009

Gravdia 24 / Para 23 / Abortus 0

Medical Jargon:

I know!  The title is really weird... although perhaps 
not to mothers.  Gravida is the number of pregnancies a woman has had / Para indicates the number of viable births / Abortus stands for the number of failed pregnancies.... 

In my case, I am in my 24th year of life, with 23 good ones behind me and no failures.  Pretty good record, eh?  Bet it would be a record if my years were pregnancies!

Campout at Joe Pool Lake - Cedar Hill, TX:

Medical school friends, home church friends and I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon, chilli night, and beautiful morning in God's wonderful Creation.  Dina, the Philipino girl,  had never been camping.  Denise, the Congolese girl, suggested we show her what the "real" Texas looked like, so she doesn't finish school and think it's all urban.  I brought a guitar and another friend, Michael, brought his jimbe drum and some sweet jams ensued around the campfire.  

"!Escuelo Divertido!" Fun school, bad Spanish:

Please don't think I'm too strange, because I am loving medical school!  So far in 2009 we have finished an endocrine class and are half way through reproduction.  Acutally, my first Repro exam is in one hour.  Studying pregnancy and other aspects of reproduction has been so rewarding.  I can really envision myself as the primary care physician of an underserved area, providing prenatal services and delivering kiddos.  It is one aspect of medicine that affects half of the world's population directly and the other half indirectly...  not just sick people either, but healthy people that may not normally see a physician.  Below are a couple videos taken during class.

Love you,.... should be going to my exam now!


Praises: I am understanding more and more how much God loves His children... which includes me.
Prayer Request: Please pray that this understanding of God's love would fill me up and overflow onto people around me.