Sunday, October 4, 2009

Where-O is Cuero?

(Actually a shot of Presidio La Bahia 26mi away, where Colonel Fannin and 300 of his men you massacred by General Santa Anna. The fort was built in the 1749. "Remember the Alamo! Remember La Bahia!")

Hello Friends,

You might ask yourself this very question and be flabbergasted, quickly open a web-based map engine and find this small town of 7,000 people located in South Texas (between San Antonio and Victoria). Cuero is most famous for its annual Turkey Festival, during which tons of turkey-fun activities occur, such as a race between a Cuero turkey and a Worthington, MN turkey.

I am very blessed to be at this site. The hospital is friendly, busy, and has provided me free housing at their abandoned nursing dormitory. When I first visited this site back in July 2008, I arrived after dark and clumsily hauled my belongings through the buidling... only to be greeted by its inhabitants!

The next day I met a Physician Assistant student who related how creepy the place was when she first came to Cuero. She quickly moved to a hotel inside town. Of course, I agree, the place is spooky, but it has been a good opportunity to overcome my fear of the dark and of the unknown. But even now, I'll get "the shivers" and glance behind me in the dark stairwell leading up to my room... but only every now and then...

My attending, David Hill DO, is a great doctor. The patients love him and will wait hours for him because he spends time listening to them. He is also an excellent clinician.... and a fisherman.

I am learning a lot from him :)'

"Wooo -Hooo!!! I'm on a boat! I'm on a boat"

Love you guys,