Sunday, May 3, 2009

Madness is Around the Bend

My friends and I before a muscle skeletal exam.

My darling neice.  I want to be her awesome, crazy uncle.

Hello Frineds,

Life continues to be much more interesting and fun than I deserve.  Between studying medicine, playing music, and hanging out with local friends, old friends, homeless people and old people, I can not gargle up a complaint.  Lately I have noticed that people are supprised to found out that I love my work.  [It's really not often that you meet a medical student who is "fired-up" about something like prostate cancer (although my room mate is because his father's personal experience!)].  To that, I must admit lapses of frustration/feelings of being overwhelmed, but mostly true and good stuff.  So any good thought, smile, or praise should be diverted to the one who gives rest from this World's troubes, Jesus Christ.  

Well, our lovely month of April was a time to focus extra time on Board exams, since our Psychology class was the easiest of the year.  And speaking of exams.... the big two are coming up quite soon, about 25 days from now!  I have so much to study and will probably not write a letter for May, but stay tuned at June's end, I will finish my second Board exam by June 4th and will be off touring the East Coast afterwards.  

"Bubbles Instead of Bullets"
Mounds of fun creating this peice that I later entered into an art contest at school, although I didn't win.  At my good friend, Melanie Wilson's (Bristow) wedding, we were blowing bubbles as the couple left the reception and I had this thought: 
What would it be like if all people at war with eachother were suddenly suprised to see bubbles flying out of their fire-arm barrels and at their arch enemies?  I hypothesize that everyone would begin to laugh histerically, lay down their now worthless weapons and hug each other; all their trite disputes forgotten.  

Prayer: the topic is board exams, which I need to pass to become a doctor and excell to procure a decent residency.  
-wise time management
-retention of two years medical knowledge

I am so thankful for you who are care to read my letters and pray about this boy's requests (even a few moments)!