Monday, January 5, 2009

The Year of our Lord 2009... rock on!

Praise: I have survived a crazy Christmas break and find myself again blessed to continue my medical studies.
Prayer: please call and ask me... we can even share! 281-793-9176

Happy New Year Friends and Family,

Hope you like my frame up, it went with my application for my first Board Exam to liscence me for doctorhood!  This exam and I will be bumping heads six months from now and until then there are still quite a few subjects left and bed pan full of studying.  The date is somewhere during late May/early June to be exact.

Friends, if you have not visited Big Bend NP, it is well worth the day long drive.  My family and I drove west on Interstate-10, turned south, passed by Fort Stockton, home of the Roadrunner mascot, and on into a desert wonderland.  Four nights and five days of sleeping under stars, hiking on mountaintops and spending time with family sure does leave a person refreshed!  The pic on the left was taken during our "hour on the 3rd highest peak in Texas", 7,825feet.  

On December 18th, just after my last exam and on my way to shadow my rural Doc in Cuero, TX, the old trusty car decided to capoot out on me in Waco.  The crank shaft had been damaged and wouldn't be fixed in time for me to make the preceptorship.  After resigning myself to these seemingly awful circumstances I was surprised and blessed to stay with an aquaintance (who even had my car towed back to Fort Worth) and I caught the last rental car in town! On Friday night, the 19th, the mustange muscle/rental car and I pulled into Cuero, only one day late.  Wow! What an adventure to have just a few hours into the Christmas break!  I wish there were some pictures to back this story up, but alas! Only receipts can give testamony to these events. 

To speak of my last order of business, you must imagine me dancing in line with the spritely old ladies in the picture above.  While following my rural Doc in Cuero, TX I met up again with my friends who line dance together.  They were happy to welcome this "Rover" into their Christmas party.